Deckel wiring diagram needed - Fp2 1972

I just bought the Deckel and I am looking for a wiring diagram.
The motor is 220/380. The machine is wired for 480 and I need to wire
it for 220 3 phase.
Can you help me with a wiring diagram?
Thanks Doug
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OK, thats 3 phase 220V
Huh? how that? Does it have an extra cabinet for electricity (I've seen that, but never knew what it was for).
Shouldn't be a problem.
I can go for my FP1 diagram (i guess I have one. Never used it, connecting here was too easy). But can you verify the motor voltage and the "480V" statement?
A question in advance: Does your FP have a little box where all the wiring is done? How many connectors are there in it and what colors do the wires have?
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Nick Müller
The wiring is in a separate free standing electrical cabinet.
Motor label reads 220/380 followed by symbols for delta/wye and there is a wiring diagram on the motor showing the jumper connections for delta and for wye. It is currently wired for wye. I think I understand this part.
The electrical cabinet has a sticker showing "480 volts". I believe that this was put on the cabinet by the former owner.
The components in the cabinet are shown as 220/440 including the motor starters and the control transformer.
At this point I beleive that I need to do the following:
lnstall the motor jumpers for delta
Change the jumpers on the control transformer for 220. The primary windings are in series now and they need to be in parallel for 220
Set the motor starter overload thumbwheel to the higher amperage needed to run the motor on 220. If the setting won't go high enough I may end up buying a new motor starter and overload. I will try it and see if it pops.
Does this make sense?
Thanks Doug
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So far, so good. The FP1 (and I think the FP2 also) has tow electrical speeds. star and triangle (or delta and wye).
But the rest you posted is beyond my knowledge. To get that lady running, there are several solutions: 1) order a (pricy?) manual at
formatting link
2) ask DMG for a manual. They are very polite and friendly (the Munic service center, at least). I got mines for free within some days. 3) If all fails, mail me and I will ask DMG to send me the diagram and I will scan and eMail it to you.
ad 2) DMG (for Deckel Maho Gildemeister) can be reached at
formatting link
But I do not know whether DMG-USA has manuals for old FPs?
ad 3) Well, it's probably easier for me to contact them in Germany (they are quite near to where I live) and ask them for the diagramm. Then I could do some translating ... But I will only take the burden if points 1..2 fail or you have no time left. ;-)
HTH, Nick
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Nick Müller

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