Dual speed motor wiring

I am rewiring a Mec Brown 415v dual speed cold saw, replacing the
speed change switch, and the Pedrazolli wiring diagram that came with
the new switch doesn't work !!! One speed works ok, the other growls
slowly backwards.
I have previously proved the motor ok by hard wiring both speeds and
plugging in but I can no longer find the web site where I found the
wiring data. Help !!
The motor has 6 terminals :
"Z - X - Y" on the top row
"U - V - W" on the lower row
I know that for one speed, three terminals are wired together and the
three phase applied to the other three terminal but cannot remember
the other speed's wiring .... help please !
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Andrew Mawson
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Hi, If it is a Dahlander-switched motor, google for "Dahlander", plenty of diagrams to be found. Dirk "Andrew Mawson" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@bt.com...
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I answered this just two or three weeks ago on this group.If you look back through the posts you will find it.The other speed is wired so the phases go to the wires you have joined together and the other three are left open.
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Thanks for the suggestions folks, having found:
formatting link
it gave me the confidence to experiment, and lo and behold the Pedrazzi wiring diagram has interposed XYZ and UVW - swapping them round and all is well.
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Andrew Mawson

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