help with rf-31 motor wiring

I had a problem with my motor starting mechanism on my rf-31
(wholesale tool version). There is/was a small terminal block on the
motor where the wires come from the rotary switch and go to the motor
itself. I dutifully recorded where the wires from the switch went to
but unfortunately I didn't record where the wires from the motor
attached to. The motor shop said the terminal block was cracked (and
it was) and they removed it leaving the 4 wires from the motor loose.
2 wires come from one hole and another 2 from the other hole (red and
yellow on 1 side red and black from the other). There are 2 cables
from the rotary switch; 1 has a tan and a blue wire the other cable
also has 1 tan and 1 blue wire.
I had tried hooking one set of the tan and blue wires to the red
and black from the motor and the other tan and blue from the switch to
the red and yellow from the motor. This yeilded reverse rotation on
reverse but nothing on forward.
So, when all is said and done I would very much appreciate any
help/advice with the wiring. The motor is 2 hp reversible with 2 start
caps.120volt single phase a/c
Thanks in advance
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