PowCon 300ST part identification

I recently purchased a used non-functional PowCon 300ST tig unit.
Initial inspection has shown RV1(part # 902011-003) to be blown. All
that was left of it was two legs sticking out of the pc board. I have
the service manual, but it only lists the part number and no other
description of the specs on the device. PowCon has been less than
helpful giving me a description. They will only admit that it has a
175V rating. No info on the current spec. They would rather sell me
the replacement at $12 plus shipping/hassling. I suspect the part is
only about $2-$3 since it's just a simple varistor. Any body have a
similar unit they could get some numbers off the device? It appears
the 300SS and 300SM use the same component. Thanks in advance.
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It's probably industry part number V175LA20C. It's a $1 part, but shipping and minimum order charges shoot that up to $10 or more. Mouser shows one in stock. Their part number TMOV20R175E at $2.01. They don't screw you too bad on shipping...Paul
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Surplus Sales of Nebraska has 'em!
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(RMO) V175LA20B $1/each with a $10 minimum
My 300SM had the same problem! Replacing the varistor did the trick!
Good Luck!
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Ms. Manners
I got a powcon 400ST for free but the wiring of the front panel is not correct. There is a loose blue wire running from the tig button connector to the front panel. Where should it be connected to? The most logical place is the range selector since it already has a medium blue wire. But i think the medium wires are to thin compared to the thick wires. and see no reason for the tig arch on of button to be attached to the range selector So any help with the correct wiring would be appreciated.
At the moment te wire layout is:
Range selector 1 Black thick wire 2 Black thick wire 3 nothing 4 Blue medium wire (same size as the loose wire) 5 yellow thick wire 6 yellow thick wire 7 blue thick wire 8 blue thick wire
Power selector a brown and orange thin wire
Hot start switch two black medium wires
Arc start gas control switch numbered from left to right and top to bottom
1 gray thin wire 2 yellow thin wire 3 nothing second row 4 nothing 5 nothing 6 nothing third row 7 black medium wire 8 black medium wire 9 nothing fourth row 10 thin white wire 11 thin black wire 12 Nothing
Thanks in advance
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