7/16-28 allthread?

--Looking to get a foot of the stuff in brass, plus matching nuts;
anyone got a pointer?
The application: it matches the thread on Bernzomatic propane
torches; I need to move the snout about 2-3ft from the valve on each of the
fireball shooters I'm making. The torch points will act as pilot lights.
I figure I'll thread some of this stuff into one end and thread the nuts
onto the other end, after I've made some mating adapters for compression
fittings, so I can connect the dots with 1/8" o.d. tube, as its low
internal volume will prevent delay between valve adjustment and flame
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Could this one from Bernzomatic help you at all?
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Don't know your entire application, and maybe the plastic handle/rubber hose wouldn't stand the environment, plus total cost, plus your concerns about low internal volume.
Just a thought...
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Jeff Wisnia

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