Wiring for RF-40 Mill Drill

Having recently moved to a new state, I had disassembled my Rong-Fu RF40 (

1.5 horse, single phase 220). Unfortunately, I was unable to find the wiring diagrams I made before the move. Could someone please help by indicating the wiring color codes?

I have: Power Leads Red Black Green Switch Leads Lt Blue (with terminal) White (with terminal) Black (with terminal) Yellow/grn stripe (with terminal) Red Brown Orange Motor There is a terminal strip with 6 screw terminals (excluding the ground). They are arranged in two rows of three with motor wires 2,3,5 connected to the terminal at the upper left. Wire 6(red) is top middle, 4 (black) is top right, and 7 (black) is connected to lower right. I have three orange wire nuts. Appreciate any help!

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R Hurst
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