Took delivery last week of HARDINGE HC CHUCKER serial # HC4172-P
with wiring diagram # CHE 8220. Machine is 1.5hp, 60 hertz, 3phase,
220, w/ 3phase 1740 GE spindle drive motor. Machine is supposed to
be 1984 vintage but I cant say for sure.
A. Does anyone have the wiring diagram ? CHE 8220
The machine came with the parts list and a sales brochure
that dates from the 1980s.
B. Are any other manuals available ?
This is new ground for us. I can tell there are
some real old pros reading this site, we are teachable.
C. We just plugged it in and got more or less the same results that
Ignoramus7092 got back on 02-28-2009. The lathe was turning in the
proper direction...we all think....but the carriage ran slow then
the machine stopped cold. Would like to have that wiring diagram
so we can find our way.
Thanks to all.
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I am now Ignoramus18922.
I will be glad to recall whatever I remember.
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I have a Hardinge HC 1980s I need help with , I already have spare 5KW VFD I intend to use but how do I go about powering the feed motor? Can I simply buy ftom ebay a variable DC motor controller and use that instead of the current system and just wire it directly to the carriage feed motor
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