Slo-Syn stepping motor wiring diagram

I have an old Slo-Syn Model HS25 stepper motor made by The Superior Electric
Company in Bristol, CT.
Specs are 45 oz-in, 5.4V at 1.5A. It has six wires colored:
Does anyone know where I might find a wiring diagram for this motor?
Regards, Marv
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Marvin W. Klotz
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If it's like the newer ones we use (which are still obsolete btw) one winding is GN and GN/W, the other is RED and RED/WH.
My diagram shows GN as "A" and GN/WH as "A-NOT", R/WH as "B" and RED as "B-NOT" as far as the controller is concerned.
Black and White are both centertaps on the windings, and because we are running the windings in series, they are not connected to anything.
Unles you are using a 3180 drive by slo-syn then I can't help with the other end of the cable.
But by all means ring the windings out with a simpson meter to double check that the above makes sense before you power it.
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jim rozen
If you know the basic design you should be able to figure it out with continuity.
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Richard J Kinch
I've got a Slo-syn catalog from 1985 here that agrees with Jim's description. The BLK wire is the center tap for the RED and RED/WH pair.
The catalog indicates that the HS25 was superceded by M062-FC03, which has similar ratings to those on your motor.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
I think those are two centertaped windings. The tracer colored leads are the C.T. s . Check with an ohmeter. ...lew...
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Lew Hartswick

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