Using Excell spreadsheet for engineering design

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]covers 10 tips for transforming Excel from a basic spreadsheet
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I don't know why they need all of my contact information?? Is this a fishing expedition and the 10 tips just bait??? Stu
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Stu Fields
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This just showed up in my email from Globalspec. May be of
interest to the group.
10 Tips for Using Microsoft® Office Excel
for Engineering
Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.
Excel is far more robust than most people think. Are you missing
a chance to improve your design productivity?
This screencast
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10 tips for transforming Excel from a basic spreadsheet
software into a powerful engineering application. You will learn
how to input data more efficiently, build easy-to-use interfaces,
utilize powerful functions for advanced calculations, and
optimize how the data is displayed.
Watch the video here.
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Unka George (George McDuffee)
The past is a foreign country;
they do things differently there.
L. P. Hartley (1895-1972), British author.
The Go-Between, Prologue (1953).
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F. George McDuffee
We use spreadsheets often in electrical engineering to record and process measurements. It seems more useful for extensive than intensive problems.
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Jim Wilkins
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Here ya' go:
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