WTB: Cecil Jensen's "Engineering Drawing & Design........"

I need a late edition(2002) of Cecil Jensen's "Engineering
Drawing and Design".
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We all have needs. This is yours, eh?
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Amazon has it (and I image if you do a little looking you'll find it at other sites too).
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Michael (LS)
Yes, my needs are simple. Can you say the same?
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I've had some luck doing business with book finder services that specialize in finding older books. You need to get to a local bookstore or two and ask questions about such services. This is what I did several years ago enabling me to finally obtain a copy of "Architects' and Builders' Handbook" by Parker-Kidder.
I searched myself for several years -- literally -- it even took the book finder nearly another year to find a copy but it did turn up and it was a fair price considering the value of the knowledge in this particular book which FYI documents and details every known mathemetical construct known to the building design and construction process.
Good luck in your quest...
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