on-line engineering design work

MFFIP, Inc. is actively recruiting engineers, scientists,
mathematicians, technicians, security analysts, cryptographers and
minds of all flavors to participate in an on-line technology discussion
Participants will be paid for a variety of on-line contributions.
All applicants must be eighteen years of age.
Please contact me at snipped-for-privacy@mffip.com for details.
David Cain
Muddle, Fluff & Foresight IP, Inc.
creating everything
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cryptographers and
ah yes...another middle man. Impressive. It worked with dentists..why not... and home repairs... you just jack up the plumbers bill from 400 dollars to 800 dollars... instant profit.
with you deal you get to pick all those brains almost free...
get a cloo mon.
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Phil Scott
I don't get it.,
I'd like to acquire more & do Greater things in Life than hang 'round working Ghetto Scene Progressions,
should i get the means from every legal opportunity I can handle...?
or: stick with my Partners & Ideals " Praying to God" it someday all pays off.
Is this another EMT Dream ?
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Roy Q.T.
Hmm. There might be some licensing issues if the engineering consultation is provided to clients where the engineers are not licensed to practice. You are going to have to be very specific about how and where these services will be applied.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
Their website:
formatting link
no presence on the web, no address, no phone number, fake, complete phony
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Mr Bungle

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