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A Residential Circuit Breaker Panel has been Installed on a Wall shared with a Bathroom. though it is mounted Flush and Outside in the Hallway Area as specified,

Is It in Compliance of The NEC ?

Water Breaks leak from the Plumbing Equipment running Over Everything down the Line floor by floor, I can't imagine why this was not foreseen.

When these Breaks occur Water will Always (Has) flow Through and Around the Inside Panel & Cables, so far nothing has happened but some unexposed rust * around the concealed parts.

NY Fire Department Nearly Requested Power to be Cut Off Ordered in Last Occasion when access was nearly imposibilitated without undue Damage to property.

I know it's erroneously placed., but,

What Code has been Violated ?

what are the consequences of leaving such a Violation in place.

Is there a " Nobody is Perfect " Clause to Justify this Oversight? };-(

[* NOTE * ] 10 Occurrences in a Costly Capital Renovation Project ...

Constant Money & Equipment Lifespan Loss: Is anyone here Involved with NEC/NY City Project Codes. perhaps I should've post it in alt.~>compliance

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Roy Q.T.
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Yes it is. A panel can be in a bathroom wall as long as it is NOT facing into the bathroom. That was changed like in 1983 ish.

Why would this be forseen?

Water always follows the path of least resistance. A panel has a lot of holes above it and there for would be a perfect place to run down.

Phoenix Fire Department WOULD have cut the power immediately.

No code was violated

As long as there are no more leaks, should be fine. There are hundreds of thousands of apartments wired exactly like this everywhere. Might not hurt to seal the holes above the panel in the wood framing. Trying to sealing the panel would be over kill cause it is not water proof to begin with.

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AFAIK it is, as long as it is not in the bathroom itself. NYC may have differing requirements though.

It may have been foreseen and the risk judged acceptable. or there may not have been a more practical place to put the chases.

A little rust will not hurt the outside of a conduit. But if water gets inside the conduit you might have a problem.

How do you know its in error? Its probably right where the guy that designed it and built it put it.

Likely none.

You cannot build any electrical system that can stand up to floods. It seems to me your beef may be with the plumbing system rather than the electrical.

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Bob Peterson

The Building was Advantageously Gutted, all Walls & Floors & Old Equipment had been Removed.

The problems was i wasn't let on board at the any respectable level, I woud've never allowed it to be placed where water would directly fall over it. a sink is less than 2Ft. from wall it's the path most likely~>NEC?

I think there shoud be a Code to prevent this in Cases with the Specific Advantage. " All the Floors " & Walls were exposed They Could have Chosen a Better Safer Path for the Runs.

I'll Camcord any leaks from now on and If we don't get Killed by it, I Know we could not replace them, we could probably make a new CIty Disaster Scene on Film with Spikes and Surges CrissCrossing the panels in a massive Display of Electrical & Fluvial Chaos.

The Water sure made it seem that way., everyone down the line is Sueing for Repairs and Water Damage.

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Roy Q.T.

I can't think of anything that prohibits this.

Keep in mind that water leaks can flow for some distance laterally and find their way into panels (and other equipment) on ower floors some distance away. The risk would exist any time there was any plumbing anywhere near electrical equipment.

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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
10+ yrs, ago I read in Popular Mechanics of a Plastic subFlooring Material that allows for slanting of floors beneath the walk surface, one would bore holes to route Piping and Cabling it Also Allows for a Drain System floor to floor that could actually Prevent Freed Water Flow from floor to floor and Mantains it Off the inside of Walls, Where Panels Resides* they didn't use fireproofing round the radiators either };-((

They Looked at me and smiled but did nothing to that effect };-) I'm just wondering " Who's smiling now? ".

I've an ABC in the Kitch ready

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Roy Q.T.

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