AB 1305 Wiring ?

I am trying to wire up some reclaimed 1305 VFDs. It is entirely possible these are junk, I don't know much about their history.

I am attempting to wire this up on a M head Bridgeport. I am running the motor wires to the existing reversing switch. I have added a 10k remote pot for speed control.

I have 240 VAC 3 ph coming into the control on L1-3. I have the drum switch wired to T1-3. The remote pot is wired to TB2 1-3. There was a jumper on 7,8 that I left in place.

I have not wired anything else.

When I power it up, the HMI flashes the version # and "Connecting" alternatively. It does this for as long as I have been willing to wait so far (up to several minutes).

Q: Do I need to jumper 11,12 (Enable) for it to do anything with the HMI? Q: Can I jumper 6,7 (Start) and it would energize the output whenever power is applied to the drive?

Q: The book mentions SW3 selects the freq source. I think if I leave this open that the remote pot is enabled. Can anyone confirm this for me?

I have two of these drives. I have swapped the HMIs into the one drive I have wired so far, with the same effect. I could swap the drive next, but wanted to see if there was something obvious first. Rewiring isn't that difficult, but why go to the work if not necessary.



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Hmm ... I had to go back to the Subject: header to see the actual brand, as you are only calling them 1305s here in the body. It might even have been better to fully spell out "Allen Bradley" in addition to using the short form.

Ouch! You are putting the reversing switch *between* the VFD and the motor? This is a good way to fry a VFD. Better to wire directly to the motor, and use selected contacts from the original reversing switch to command the VFD to run forward or reverse.

No direct experience with the Allen Bradley units, but I would first try running it purely from the controls on the VFD (if any). Only once that was verified, would I start setting up the remote controls.

Is there a run button on the VFD? Or perhaps a pair of arrows for forward and reverse along with a stop button?

Not having the manual, I can't answer that.

Maybe someone else can. I can't.

Go for the simplest setup first -- all controls internal to the VFD. Only once that is working should you expand to remote control of it.

Note that many VFDs have variables (numbered usually) which can be set to change the behavior, such as one value for front-panel control, another for remote on/off/reverse switching, and another value in a different variable for selecting the ability to control the speed from a pot.

If these are used, there is no predicting what variables are set for what. Go through with the manual to verify that all settings are at the default values, and start from there. (Perhaps there is a way to reset everything to factory defaults easily. Read the manual -- which you have and I don't.

Good Luck, DoN.

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DoN. Nichols

DoN's right, wire the motor directly to the VFD's motor outputs. Usually the default is keypad control but if the drive is used it's hard saying what you'll find in the parameters, some of them are rather obscure AND obtuse:) There is nearly always a 'reset to factory defaults' parameter, and generally the keypad, at the minimum, should then be enabled for motor commands.

Regards Paul

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NO drum Switch!!! Not on the output of the inverter!!!!!! No NO NO!!!


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