B-52H Late conversion (golden dragon)

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Hay guys, I got my conversion yesterday. Man i like it its got alot of parts. The instructions are easy to understand, the artwork needs alittle work, but the castings are really good, Its casted in grey ,

The cockpit has full instruments,a decal for the engine instrument cluster,

4 rudder pedels, flight yolks, the seats are something else (man there neice) side panels are well done , and there's the overhead panel, jumps seat looks good.

The fuselage: it's got the entire nose section of the Late B-52's, and there a alinement tab for the cockpit, vertical fin has scribed panel lines along with the tail section of the fuselage and the fronts of the fuselage.

The engines: are two pieces, fan fronts and back half with the pylon molded on, the fit it almost perfect (easy fit), the wing tanks fit will also.

EVS pods and ecm blisters: All of the parts are seperate, and also the antennas are well casted,

It has a one piece windshield (clear resin) nees alittle polishing but not bad.

The fuselage brace is strip plastic.

I'm going to paint my cockpit this weekend, and I'll post the pics for people to see.

Regards B-onenutt happy modeling

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