Canadian Yellow?

Just nailing together the old(ish) Matchbox Twin Otter,well it passas the time before I can justifie the Revell U boat, and I need some help with the yellow used by the Canadian A/F. The humbrol 69 yellow looks too yellow anybody got an idea of a better match please.

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Rory Manton
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The actual colour is FS13538, the closest you will get is FS33538 which is insignia yellow. You can find it in the Model Master line as 4721 in Acrylic or 1708 in Enamel. You may be able to match it up with Humbrol

154, or Gunze 329.

This site has a number of colour charts and cross reference charts:

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Regards... Michael

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Michael Cuell

in article, Michael Cuell at wrote on 31/12/03 16:39:

Thank you muchly

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Rory Manton
[e-paint stripper applied]

its absolutely marvellous! i needed the mix for FS36314 [as xtracolor X143 has been deleted] and i only wish that i'd seen this site a few days ago.

many thanks!


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