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While browsing I hit upon

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I checked the FAQ

But nothing about the paper weight or glue or what tools to bend paper or if you use glossey(?) paper or spray a coating after, if anybody could point me in the right direction please


My Brother cheated so much-that in Rock-Paper-Scissors, he came up with swiss army knife!

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Dan drumm
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LOL! th3 finish on those is on the paper, normaly you print 'en out. I use white (Elmers) or yellow (Titebond) to gew 'em together, with my daughter I used glue sticks with some sucess. it's a lot of fun google free "Cardstock models" for even more fun! Joe

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I use 110 lb. white card stock to print these. The sheets run through my color printer fine- it is one of those with an angled 'stack' in the rear and feeds through fairly directly.

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Don Stauffer in Minnesota

I have an old HP laserjet works well with up to 90# (the specks say 80# max) Funny we baoth do the same thing.. I also have an old Citizen 24 pin with all the color you'd want.. I spray a couple light coats of lacquer ( no I haven't tried the water based stuff ) make it about 10 times stronger and "weather" resistant!

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