Ebay alert -- Skyway Model Shop

Check out the latest stuff from Skyway Model Shop. Emil just got in an
interesting collection, plus pulled some other stuff out of storage.
Auction ends Saturday, February 9
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Airfix Vostok rocket 1:144
Collectible BJ & Bear Kenworth Aerodyne Cabover 1/25
Cool ERTL/AMT SNAPfit Ford CL-9000 truck 1/32
Rare ERTL International Paystar 5000 logger 1/25
Collectible ERTL Great Dane flatbed trailer 1/25
Cool Revell Billy Carter "Redneck Power" pick-up truck
Collectible Revell '64 Ford Thunderbolt SS 1:25
MINT MPC '74 Pinto (3 version) 1/25
MINT Vintage Series Sprint car kit (metal) 1:18
MISB Jo-Han Chrysler Turbine Car 1/25
MINT Jo-Han Pro Street 'Cuda 1/25
MINT Monogram George Barris' Bathtub Buggy 1/24
Cool Revell Apollo Spacecraft 1/96 scale
Revell/Ceji Space Operations Center 1/144
LOT: Japanese aircraft Raiden and Rufe
Cool Blue Max Roland C.II 1/48
Collectible Monogram B-24J Liberator 1/48
Cool Revell B-17F Flying Fortress 1/48
Monogram EA-6b Prowler with PE 1/48
Cool Revell Supermarine Spitfire Mk1 1/32
Resin Dangerboy F4U Corsair Wingfold conversion 1/48
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Stephen Tontoni
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Yeah name another president's brother who tried to capitalize on the fame like that. Remember "Billy Beer"? Gross.
Still, probably collectible.
--- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni
Well you could say that for all the Kennedy's really; at least Teddy had a career in politics. Billy just wanted the money.
Yeah.. interesting dude.
--- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni
on 2/5/2008 5:36 AM Pat Flannery said the following:
No, Bobby. Brother John made him US Attorney General. NY voted him Senator, which opened the door to be a presidential candidate. Hillary has taken the same route..
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