Looking for cutting pad for work surface

I know I've seen ads somewhere for a big pad (green I think) to use on your
work surface when using an x-acto knife. The pad is some kind of rubber or
somthing similar that "heals" after it gets cut. If you know what I'm talking
about I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where I can find these. Hobby
Lobby? Michaels? Maybe a mail order shop? Thanks.
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Aviday Ogelvay
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All of the above. Add JoAnns, and probably any other sewing/craft shops in the area. These mats are a common tool for quilters.
Shop around though, the price of these things will vary dramatically by brand/location. (Although they are all pretty much alike IMO.)
And they don't actually 'heal', they just don't curl, chip and fray like cardboard, wood, etc.
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