Looking for the following decal sheets

I am looking to trade for, or purchase the following decal sheets. I would
prefer to trade.
Please contact me directly if you have any you would like to depart with.
As always, thank you,
Dave Roof
2859 Missy Dr.
Marietta, GA
Please ensure sheets are in register, Thank you
32004 F3F's
32012 F4F's
48501 F4U-1A
48724 F4F's
48700 SBD-3/4
Cutting Edge
48226 F4U-1
48120 F4F's
Mike Grant
48029 B-24D 'Strawberry Bitch'
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I'll have a look at the local shop's stocks, they have a couple of boxes stuffed with old decals nobody wants anymore...
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[SM04]Serge D. Grun

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