1/48 F-111 canopies

Anyone got a couple Hobbycraft F-111 canopies laying around?

Based on the knowledge that Squadron made clear view canopies for the Academy/Hobbycraft/ZDF F-111 I decided to experimanent with mine and ordered some replacements just in case.

Well of course the just in case worstcase secenario happened and now not only did squadron, who had them listed both on their web site and their catalog, took my order, and didn't ship them. When I called they said they were out of stock, they didn't have any on order with their supplier, and they didn't know when they would have any on order. Now, as of today, they don't even have them on their web site.

Greatmodels, who has them listed, and also takes the order, only tells you they are only special order after your make your purchase.

I basically now have 2 F-111's 99.99% complete except for the canopies.

I wouldn't have even tried to modify the originals had I known that Squadron's canopy( which has gotten glowing reviews) would be unavailable. I guess this a warning to everyone, don't depend on Squadron, or anyone else for that matter, to actually have the product listed on their web site until they actually put ith through their door.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Jeff Barringer
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Jeff Barringer wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@corp.supernews.com:




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Gray Ghost

Thanks - their site directs everyone back to Squadron but I have contacted Falcon directly so we will see what happens.

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Jeff Barringer

No response from either Squadron or Falcon

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Jeff Barringer

If you find anything, please let us know. I am pretty much in the same boat. Got a nice F-111 that I am building for a friend of mine that flew one out of Lakenhurst and I screwed the canopy trying to make a modification for the diarama. Really destroys the whole thing without it.

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The problem is low value of the US dollar. There's so little return these days that it's really not worth chasing the American market any more -- you'll find that manufacturers like Falcon are tending to look elswhere for a source of income at the moment.

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