Squadrons web site...

Is it just me or does Squadrons website seem to be going the wrong direction?

I note..

- Only 22 items in their presell section (Used to be 40-60 and where is the new MPM 1/48 HE-177 and what happened to the everpresent AMTech XP-40q?)

- Substantially fewer "New Items" in the new item section

- Almost nothing at all coming up in Comsale

Am I missing something or are they scaling back what they are putting up on the web?

I used to visit the site every day to see what they had in the new and presell section, now with all the changes I rarely visit their site more than once a week. I also use to buy a lot more as well.

Now one company I will give kudos too is Greatmodels They always have something new just about every day and that is how often I visit them now. They do have the MPM He-177 and a lot more in their pre-sell section.

No I am not a paid or unpaid spokesman for Greatmodels, I would just like to see Squadron either go back to their old site or at least really ramp up the new one to the same speed.

I wish Hannants had a US location ;)

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Jeff Barringer
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I agree. I rarely go to their site anymore and usually forget if I was sent a flyer or not. Never got one last month. I shop around several sites to see what is new before I go back to Squadon. the new site is less than exciting. No Beamish either.....

bummer all the way around.....


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Be careful about what you say on this subject.

One word:




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If Jerry Campbell is no longer running the place, who cares about his blacklist.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Here we are, its April 2 and Squadron finally has MPM's He-177 in their presell list. Day late - dollar short, I already signed up over at Great Models for one of their pre-sells and had them do some special order stuff while I waited.

Much as I like Squadron thay have not substantially changed their site from when I originally posted.

That's too bad.

Jeff Barr> Is it just me or does Squadrons website

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Jeff Barringer

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