@*#&$&%^ Book Dealers!

Hi Troops:
As long as we are venting tonight (%^$&# Snipers) here is another
thread to steam about. Book Dealers advertising books they don't really
have. There have been a number of posts here about AMAZON and that
Merrick book on German Camo & Markings. I just checked my order and they
say that the book is not in stock yet, but it sure is elsewhere. I
cancelled my order, which included several other books and I will
refrain from dealing with them in the future.
Thing is, they aren't the only ones who operate this way.
HistoricAviation has had an open order for almost 2 months for two books
advertised in their catalog and still no show. I cancelled that one too,
and future catalogs will go straight into the round file. Both books are
either available elsewhere or are no longer available and they haven't
the honesty to admit it, so they just let me hang.
Rant mode off!
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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Actually had good results with HistoricAvaiation. At least no problem ordering several gun camera DVD's
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What about model vendors that advertise something on their site, sell it to you, send you all your stuff except that one piece, label it as backordered on the receipt, and then never follow up.
I am still waiting on Squadron to resolve their backorder problem on Squadron 1/48 F-111 canopies. Now it no longer appears on their list at all and neither they nor Falcon who makes them for squadron will even respond to me about it.
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Jeff Barringer
I've had Amazon do that too. Not just on one occasion, at one point I had five full pages of backorders disappear without explanation. You are okay if it is something which is current and popular. If it is something out of the ordinary (as most of my orders are) they just seem to list it without means of verifying if it's actually available or not.
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Curious! I noticed these canopies listed in the new arrivals section of Hannant's web site. Does Hannant's know something we don't or have they been flummoxed too?
Bill Shuey
Jeff Barr>
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William H. Shuey
It looks from their web site that they got some in, but who knows. I just called squadron and they said "they're on order" but thay can't say when they will be in or why the product listing has disappeared from their web site (or Falcons for that matter)
Its a crap shoot. I need 2 canopies, but that doesn't meet Hannants minimum order of 30£. If I order a whole bunch of crap I don't need to meet the minimum (which is how I got screwed by Squadron in the first place) I am afraid they will do like Squadron, ship me the order filler crap, put the canopies on back order, and leave me feeling like a schnook again.
William H. Shuey wrote:
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Jeff Barringer
It's difficult to order from the UK when there is a minimum amount rule.
Years ago I established trading partners in several countries. We trade wanted items on a regular basis. A friend in Scotland has sent me all of the decals and detailing bits for an Alouette III and an Avia S.199 over the last few months.
It takes a little time to establish a partner, but it's worth the effort.
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