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I have a blown transistor (mosfet?) on my as-250 control board. No real identifying markings that I can see. Anyone know what this is?

additionally, anyone have any good boards?

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I think there are some parts vendors. I recall finding them when I was looking, but I no longer recall where. I had problems with the speed control pot burning out, so I replaced it with a wirewound pot, which worked for a while, then it too died. The circuit diagram provided with the unit is useless, neither matching the board (just count the devices on the board and in the schematic - no match) and impossible (the schematic is nonsense).

I'm replacing the Asong with Servo's made-in-Taiwan power feed.

Joe Gwinn

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Joseph Gwinn

I don' have any specific info wrt that power feed brand/model or the specific part, however.. many recently made semiconductor packages are marked with a fine laser etching which is nearly invisible at certain angles of view and/or lighting conditions.. if the body material is still intact.

You might be able to see the component markings on the body by moving a light around the component while viewing from different angles.

Some manufacturers still abrade the component bodies to remove the original markings, which can present an additional hurdle, but that doesn't indicate that the unit can't be repaired, it just becomes a bit more complicated.

The datasheets and component specs for most common semis can be found with a search engine and a component type number (sometimes by ommitting a couple of prefix or suffix letters in the search).

Locating and studying a datasheet's info often presents the option of choosing a replacement component of the same type, physical size and pinout, but with slightly greater performance parameters.

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Can't quite see it from here. Hold it closer to the screen.

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additionally, anyone have any good boards?

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