Cemont TXH 250 AC/DC

anyone have any experience with the Cemont TXH 250 AC/DC tig welder?

i'm considering this VS. Lincoln Invertec V205

there are reps for both in the area.. price seems to be the same, both inverter based.. though the Cemont weighs in at ~150lbs compared to the 30lb Lincoln.

makes me wonder why the big weight difference. i think the Cemont is watercooled, however.. and its 3phase.



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"tony" skrev i en meddelelse news:c5dqb.420507$ snipped-for-privacy@news2.tin.it...

Without knowing either one of the welders I think I can explain the difference in weight..

the Cemont sounds like it is based on a conventional transformer, while the Lincoln uses an inverter can be compared to an electronic transformer, a bit like the powersupply in your computer at home..)..

The inverter offers low weight, less heat and smaller physical size compared to a conventional transformer with the same electrical properties


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