Idealarc Mig 300 Ac/Dc value?

Ive got an opportunity to score an Idealarc Mig 300 AC/DC welder. It has the tank, the MIG torch and the consumables..quite a pile of various filler rods and such. Reading the data plate, its 208 single phase with a max of 91 amps, so I Could use it on my 50 amp shop service as long as I dont go too high, right? 1/8" rod high?

Has the pedal of course and a water chiller hung off the back of the machine. A switch on the front says Stick/Mig, so this can be used for stick welding also? Simply add a stinger to the electrode terminal or do I also have to remove the MIG connection?

I might..might be able to get this for some labor over a long period of time..IE a small percentage of my regular labor that I do for them.

How much is this worth on todays market and is it a good combo machine?


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Gunner wrote in news:

Sounds like your ship has come in on a TIG machine....Yes, as long as you don't push 300amps you'll be fine on your 50A circuit. I'm just waiting to hear a gloat on this one. I would guess $500-$1000 depending on condition? Ernie should be chiming in soon....

Let us know how you make out.

BTW. Didja find me an HLVH yet? :-)

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Marty Escarcega

I'm sure you mean TIG instead of MIG. I recently sold a 250 amp version of that same machine for $600 with no TIG accessories. I probably could've gotten quite a bit more on eBay if I were willing to ship it and in fact I saw one with the same accessories you mentioned go for a little over $1000 there. They're old, basic, transformer machines so they're rugged without all the fancy bells and whistles of the newer ones.

For the year or so I had it I ran it on a 50 amp outlet and only popped the breaker a couple of times when I first hit the pedal in TIG mode. I think I had it set a little over 125 amps. Both times I reset the breaker and it didn't pop a 2nd time even though I hadn't changed any settings.

Best Regards, Keith Marshall

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Keith Marshall

I have this exact machine, and I run it on a 50 amp plug. I have trouble with TIGing thick AL - too much amps and pops the fuse. Also can't weld with more than 200 amps on stick. I've been going to put it on a larger circuit for five years... Oh well.

FWIW, I paid $800 for mine. I'm happy.


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Karl Townsend

I have/use one of those. The $500-$1,000 value is right on, the variable being marketing effort. By they way it is also the sweetest stick welder I have ever run across. Paul

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About $500 - $800 on the present market. The accessories for TIG boost it to the higher end of pricing, but the amperage requirements and weight still keep it below $1000.

The shorthand for your machine would be: Idealarc 300 CC/CV, AC/DC.

CC = Constant Curent for Stick and TIG CV = Constant Voltage for MIG

DC for all MIG, most Stick, and most TIG AC for Aluminum TIG and some stick.

Idealarcs are hard to kill and Lincoln is prety good about support for older machines. As long as the main coils don't blow the machine should live for a while yet.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

You should have *no* problem running 1/8" rod on a 50-amp circuit. You'd be good for up to about 200 amps, 1/8" rod typically likes to run at about 125 amps.

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Don Foreman

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