Gunner: I'm back

For those of you who emailed or wished me well, many many many thanks. Im very touched by the concern of everyone. Its good to know Im either well liked, or for those who dont, they didnt want a thread opponent to disappear

A bit of an explaination of what very unexpectedly happened to "good ol hard as a rock Gunner". (ouch..sigh)

Saturday last, I had gone to Bakersfield to pick up an Old Crystal Lake grinder for a gent, who is coming in from Salt Lake City to pick up in the next week or two. Getting it home in mid afternoon, (around

105F, 30% humitity) I unloaded it using the Armstrong Method and the few gadgets I have for moving Stuff around the back yard. This involved a lot of gut busting grunting and groaning, and I stopped to take a break. I noticed I was getting what felt like heart burn, and it was getting a bit hard to took a big shot of Pepto Bismo. The pain went away. So I went back outside and kept on moving Stuff. Pain came back. Pepto didnt help. So thinking fast, I dropped a couple of my wife's nitro pills, and the pain went away. Cool. So thinks me..time to take it easy. And I did, all Sunday..just did minor bits and things. No problems all day.

I got ready to go to LA Monday morning, and went to bed. At 5:30 chest woke me up. Pepto didnt work. The first nitro did..for a short time. Then it came back. Worse. The second and third nitro slowed it down..for a short time..then it came back..really bad.

Now while Im just a simple harmless fuzzball, I do have a high pain threshhold....and I was rapidly reaching the high end of it. The wife demanded we head to the hospital in Bakersfield (45 miles away), so I dropped 3 asprin, another nitro and off we went like a bat out of hell with her driving.

By this time, I was bent over in the front seat, scared shitless, and praying hard that this was not a heart attack . I was a bit confused as I only had about 1/2 of the symptoms of a MI, but it was really hard to ignore that white hot chunk of 3" diameter CRS that the 500lb elf was trying to drive into my chest and out my back (and he was doing a really really good job of it). About half way there..the pain started to abate a fair amount...but I was still twitching bad..

Getting to the country hospital in Bakersfield, she dragged me into the ER..and plopped me down and got some help. First thing they did was give me an EKG. Hummmm no signs of a Heart Attack (MI) though it was giving wierd readings. Enough that they called a Code and got me into treatment.

To cut through the bullshit of the next couple very painful and miserable days, much of which is mercifuly veiled with a drug filled fog....

My cloresteral was perfect My blood pressure was in the high normal range My blood enzemes were showing something was screwed up. My heart beat never got any higher than 66 beats per minute (more on this later) The periodic returns of the pain was stopped by nitro and morphine. Lots of nitro, and lots of morphine. Ill blow up a piss test for the next year...

Damned shame Ive become allergic to Demeral....morphine only works so so with me..shug

I had a text book worst case example of Unstable Angina.... While knowing what it is..there isnt much comfort knowing the name of that

500lb elf with the white hot spear in your chest...

They ran a bunch of tests, chest x-rays (nothing wrong showing, other than a slight possible enlargement of the heart) and Wed they decided to give me a angiogram. This is where they strip you naked, shave all the hair off your balls and groin, and hack into your right femoral artery, then run a teeny wienie hollow tube all the way up into your chest and inject dye into your heart , all the while watching the process under a xray sort of machine, all on real time video (and saved to CD).


My right coronary aorta

formatting link
was 95% plugged off, another one (cant remember ALL the names) was 50% plugged off, and 5 more on the left side of my heart were up to 50% plugged for a grand total of 7 blockages. Keep in mind..that my colesteral levels were absolutely perfect and all the tests showed the heart itself was perfect (though beating slowly) and my BP was in the high normal/low High range.

My blockages were, in effect worse than my wifes blockages. Big difference..Id managed to avoid a heart attack with the nitro and asprins and there was no heart damage. (whew.....prayer? Knowing what to do because Im a survivalist? Damned good luck? Shrug)

An interesting side close the hole in the femorial artery they made..they clamp it closed and you down to the table with this big assed C clamp for an hour or so, then clamp your leg down for the next 10 hours so the artery doesnt blow out and you bleed to death in a couple minutes in your bed. Its actually better than it sounds..morphine..lots of morphine....

The next day, Thursday, they moved me to another hospital, one specializing in this sort of problem and did a ballon cathederization and installed a stent in the big artery. This will keep the artery from going bad again. The specialists say the other areas will sort themselves out if I stay on their pill and eats program and I was damned lucky that I was in excellent health otherwise and had avoided the heart attack.

(.200 stent, expanded to .375 at 40psi, if my reading the report upside down was correct. Stent is a new style, treated with a baked on anti-plaque chemical that is supposed to prevent any new yuckies from building up in that area. I got the owners manual and warranty for that puppy! )

formatting link
Here is what an angioplasty is all about
formatting link
Oh..and I will be quitting smoking (or trying really hard) as I need lead a bit more healthy a life style. Shrug..this is gonna be a total bitch and will likely be harder than undergoing the other stuff..I have quit 14 times before...sigh...

The upshot of this whole thing is..I will be ok in a few weeks at most,, and probably in better shape than in the last couple years or longer. Ive noticed a distinct tendency over the last couple years to not be as active as I was before..due to "running out of steam". I wrote off a lot of this as simply ageing. I also noticed that Id get wierd feelings now and then from the right center of my chest..kind of a tickle, over the last couple years..also writing them off to aging. Big mistake, which fortunately I was lucky to be able to recover from. The only other problem that Ive got and it may be genetic (my mom had this later in life) is that my heart never speeds up much past 60-70 beats per minute. I could be running around the block, and drop to my knees as the heart is not speeding up to pump increased blood and O2. Ive noticed this over the last year..and while I knew this was a problem..was unable to do anything about it. Priorities....shrug. There is some conjecture that this may have caused a plague build up due to no big speeding up of the heart and blood flow..or the other side says it was the result of plague caused heart damage. Shrug..Docs say it may correct itself in the next few weeks, or Ill simply have to learn to live with it. I was wondering why I couldnt boink for hours anymore..thought I was just getting old

Angina or the early stages of a heart attack are hard to distinquish from "heart burn" for the average person. Most guys (like myself) tend to be in denial that it could be something serious. The coroner often times finds a belly full of PeptoBismo/Tums or other antacids when doin the autopsy of the people that dont make it to the hospital and are found dead at home. Dead of being stubborn. I damned well could have been one of them.

Id strongly suggest reading this link for the various warning signs...

formatting link
As to how Im gonna pay for all this..I dont have a clue..but Ive a number of options, from various country and state programs to long term payment plans, to working with the VA. Im starting to explore the options.

At least..Im alive to deal with the issue..and Im worth far more alive than dead.

I STRONGLY recommend to anyone over 40, that you get a good heart health check up now and then. Some of the screenings may be free, or darned cheap. If this could happen unexpectedly to damned well could happen to anyone.

Again..many thanks to all of you who expressed concern. Im very touched and heartened by your best wishes. Even those emailed by Snibbles .....

Respects and deepest regards to the members of the Usenet communtiy who have emailed and posted. Im deeply touched and it gives me a very warm feeling.


That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there. - George Orwell

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Great to hear you're ok . (Don't scare us like that again!) Schon

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sheerluck holmes

Hell, no. That's what keeps these machining and metal groups interesting (for me). :o) Glad you're back. Take care of yourself!!! Sue

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I wish you a speedy recovery. Sounds like what happened to me in '99. Funny thing, I was simply drinking a glass of orange juice when the pain hit. After the Pepto, my wife recognized it as a heart attack and I was white and sweaty, lots of pain, etc. She drove me seventeen miles to a small town hospital, keeping me talking and awake. The hospital had a a one bed ER and no trauma personnel. The local ER doctor had called in sick, and it was the second weekend duty that year for the replacement doctor, who happened to be a young surgeon from Mayo Clinic. I staggered in like I was stabbed in the gut. I passed out as the nurse said "40 over 20." This doctor saved my life and my heart, I came back among the living and got a helicopter ride to a heart hospital where they put a stent in. I had one clogged artery on the right side,(the widowmaker) and it had closed. BTW, that morphine is pretty good stuff. The upside of having the knowledge you now have, is that you probably won't ever have another heart attack. It takes a few months to get used to the strange pains of healing inside, and the light headedness from the medication. Remember to breath deeply, relax and rest, and thank God when you get the chance. John

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Mark Allread

I knew that you would ride this one out,

Welcome back.


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Welcome back, Gunner.

I had no doubt at all.

Nor do I see any need to coddle a tough son-of-a-bitch like you:

No. Rifles are the symbol of brutal conquest, which is just a fancy term for armed robbery on a large scale.

Ballot boxes are the symbol of democracy.

There are a WHOLE lot of people with a LOT of weapons that don't have any democracy...Not a ballot box in sight.



Does America's violence around the world create democracy? Try this little quizz:

It consists of one (1) multiple-choice question. Here's a list of the countries that the U.S. has bombed since the end of World War II, compiled by historian William Blum:

  1. China 1945-46
  2. Korea and China 1950-53
  3. Guatemala 1954
  4. Indonesia 1958
  5. Cuba 1959-1961
  6. Guatemala 1960
  7. Congo 1964
  8. Peru 1965
  9. Laos 1964-73
  10. Vietnam 1961-73
  11. Cambodia 1969-70
  12. Guatemala 1967-69
  13. Grenada 1983
  14. Lebanon 1983, 1984
  15. Libya 1986
  16. El Salvador 1980s
  17. Nicaragua 1980s
  18. Iran 1987
  19. Panama 1989
  20. Iraq 1991-2003
  21. Kuwait 1991
  22. Somalia 1993
  23. Bosnia 1994, 1995
  24. Sudan 1998
  25. Afghanistan 1998, 2001-2004
  26. Yugoslavia 1999
  27. Iraq 2002-2004

Q: In how many of these instances did a democratic government, respectful of human rights, occur as a direct result?

Choose one of the following:

(a) 0 (b) zero (c) none (d) not a one (e) a whole number between -1 and +1 (f) zip (g) squat (h) nada


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Alan Connor


Fascinating procedure, wasn't it? I remember hearing surgery of that sort compared to an auto valve job, except that you had to do it with the engine running.

You'll feel better in a couple of weeks than you have in years. According to my doctor, there is little chance of any new heart problems due to the drugs they'll have you on. They did watch the stents pretty carefully for the first month or year, but the new drug-coated ones are better than what I had.

Don't recall them shaving my balls, though. Is it possible that cute male nurse just took a liking to you?

Doesn't the VA cover you on this?

John Martin

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Welcome Back Gunner


" A bullet in the foot first warning, next the thigh, then a good chest shot... then between the eyes" Little Gunner

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Santa Cruz Mike

Ok Everybody.. sing along with the oscar meyer weiner song:

Oh I wish and was liberal like AC.. that is truely what I'd like to be ee eee And then I take the guns awaayyaa And give them to the big bad goverments...

How many tyranical goverments maintain control over their citizens with guns and violent weapons? How many goverments keep the citizens in check and subject to their laws and judicial systems with guns???

  1. China
  2. Korea
  3. Guatemala
  4. Indonesia
  5. Cuba
  6. Guatemala
  7. Congo
  8. Peru
  9. Laos
  10. Vietnam
  11. Cambodia
  12. Guatemala
  13. Grenada
  14. Lebanon
  15. Libya
  16. El Salvador
  17. Nicaragua
  18. Iran
  19. Panama
  20. Iraq
  21. Kuwait
  22. Somalia
  23. Bosnia
  24. Sudan
  25. Afghanistan
  26. Yugoslavia
  27. Iraq
28 USSR 29 Africa 30 USA 31 Canada 32 Mexica 33 Chile 34 Japan 35 Taiwan 37 Brazil 38 England 39 Israel 40 Palestine 41 Venuzuala and so on and so...
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Santa Cruz Mike

Wait a minute, you self prescribed nitro, found it effective and didn't exceed all legal speed limits on the way to the hospital? Damn it, Gunner, you are insane.

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John Keeney

That's why I called him a *lucky* bastard instead of a *smart* bastard. BTW, I made a worse mistake than he did. I waited until I was having my 2nd heart attack before I waltzed into the hospital to complain about an ache in my chest and crippled-up arm.


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Lawrence Glickman


Glad to see you back. Best wishes. Steve

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Welcome back Gunner. You got real lucky sir!!


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Glad to see you back Gunner. You had us worried there. Something happen to you and I wouldn't have anyone to argue with. :-)

Excelent post BTW. Probably the most informative you have made in years. Made me start thinking about getting an appointment for an exam.

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Glenn Ashmore

Gunner, get some Wellbutrin pills to help with quitting smoking. my Wife & I that smoked for 40 yrs (2 packs a day) quit with the help of that this March.

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Best to you Gunner! Michael

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Insane? No. In denial? Yes.



That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat or labourer's cottage is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there. - George Orwell

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Glad you're back, get well.

Pete Keillor

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Peter T. Keillor III

Gunner, I'm glad to see you back, and best wishes on a speedy recovery. When you are back in action again, and somewhat financially stabilized, it might be time to build that special hoist trailer I described. We're all not getting any younger.

Get well buddy, RJ

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(i) who cares?

The object is to stomp them so hard the first time that they wont want to mess with us again.

Fear is the best motivate, ask a Zebra running from a lion.

The Independent of Clackamas County, Oregon

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(Otto Von Bismarck, Speech, Sept. 30, 1862.)

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