Help me to choose AC/DC TIG WELDER

I have a plan buying TIG welder.
Probably, I will purchase Lincoln precision TIG 185 or Miller ECONOTIG AC/DC or
Maybe this is silly question. Why these machines are so heavy weight?
For example, Lincoln is 117 kg, ECONOTIG is 64kg, 180 SD is 102 kg and 250 DX
is185 kg.
I found the only one machine, which is lightweight, is Miller DYNASTY weighted
20.5 kg.
I need AC/DC TIG welder that price range is $ 1300~$1800.
Any comments on those machines will be appreciated.
I personally like Lincoln precision TIG 185.
The main reason I care about weight is I may not able to handle such a heavy
weight by myself
And I have no helper. I only have a wife who probably doesn't want to help
moving the machine around.
In addition, I'm small guy with no macho.
Thanks in advance.
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Inverters weigh much less than transformers. They also cost more.
If you can afford it, the Dynasty 200DX is a beautiful machine.
The Thermal Arc Prowave 185TSW is also a lightweight invert and costs about $1000 less than the Miller Dynasty 200DX.
You haven;'t said what you plan on welding. Are you in the US, Europe or Japan
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Ernie Leimkuhler
I am a Jewelry designer and maker who is living New York. I have plans to make lamps, pedestals, side tables and things like small household goods in all kind metals. I would like to know which company makes The Thermal Arc Prowave 185TSW.
Thank you for advice.
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Thermal Dynamics makes the Thermal Arc machines.
Here is the TheralArc link off the web site:
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And here is the link for the ProWave 185tsw:
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I hope this helps,
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Rick Barter
The welder I have weights 8.4 Kg. Tig, AC/DC, 210 A max (175 A at 100%), sequencer and pulser built-in. It is built by Rehm in Germany. They have a less powerfull model (also AC/DC, 170 A max) at 7.8 Kg.
So lighter models do exist.
Please note that I am not saying you should buy this particular model. Although it is a very nice machine, it is probably not properly distributed in the US and one does need reasonable service and distribution for such equipment. It also is 220V only. But if you want to enquire about it, the web site is
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and the name of the machine is TIGER210 AC/DCDIGITAL.
What I would suggest, however, is that you do a little more research if you want a very light machine. There are quite a few makers besides the obvious ones you cited. The magic word here is "inverter" and manufacturers include firms like Cebora, Selco, Merkle, Panasonic, Fronius, HTP, and probably a dozen others whose names fail me at present.
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