Ethylene glycol as machining, grinding coolant?

Can ethylene glycol, no mix with water, used as a machining, grinding coolant?
It's used in anti-Freeze in cars and highly toxic if ingested!
Material we're grinding reacts with water!
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It will absorb water from the air, and you REALLY don't want to breathe the mist.
So, I would not do it. There must be something better.
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Jon Elson
Google "neat grinding fluid" There are loads out there, but some may be better than others for your application.
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Wayne Weedon
Tiny droplets will become airborne and you will breathe them in. No, forget it.
There has to be a lot of other non toxic and no water fluids.
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StarDust wrote in news:10139d81-84be-4014-aab6-5809d55182a5
Google "grinding oil". I have used Mobilgrind and Castrol "llogrind".
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Ethylene glycol is still used in automotive antifreeze. I used Prestone Low Tox a few years back,it was made from propylene gylcol. I had to change mny water pump once a year, the stuff tore up seals like crazy. About 2 years ago I could no longer find it at any local store, auto parts or dept store. So I switched back to the ethylene glycol stuff.
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--If you have dogs or cats in your shop beware: it's poison to them!
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SteamboatEd Haas

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