Hyundai lathe dead, now alive again

A few weeks back my HIT-18S lathe died. I was running a new part and I had the Z clearance set to Z10. and with a long tool it backed up too far and I got the dreaded "z-axis contouring" error. Now the only way I know out of that error is to power off and back on. When I powered it back on I got an error 43 "PLC-CPU not ready for operation"

Short version, With the help of 2 very good friends we found a dead power supply on the back of the front panel keyboard, dual 5.1VDC. Could not fix the Siemens supply, so we put in 2 separate supplies mounted on a custom made Plexiglas mount. THEN....after a full day of muddling thru a whole ton of new errors we got the correct boot up procedure to restore all the files. Somewhere in there we did a NC general reset, which wiped out all the stored settings, but all is well now.

Just trying to post something ON topic.

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Glad to hear you it running again, and thanks for an on topic post!

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What's an On topic post doing HERE ?

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