840C (HiTROL) CNC Control Optional stop

I have Hyundai HiT - 15S with Siemens 840C (HiTROL) CNC control. I went trough manual etc. but I can't find anything about optional stop M01 that exists on every other machines in the world - I guess at least. Any help?

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Wacek Barnak
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i ran a robofil that required the optional stop to be enabled . this was done on the EXE PAGE if memory serves . of course this will be different on your cnc . perhaps you could page around the control settings ?

good luck.

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I have a HIT-18S

With switch in AUTO goto MACHINE page push PROGRAM MODIFIC. soft key second option down is M01 toggle to ON.

I should note, I have not used M01 on my machine yet. Only started cutting parts about a month ago.

The first option is DRY RUN, if I set this to ON, my machine will not move. Somewhere there is a parameter for dry run feed rates, mine must be currently set to zero. Anyone know how the change it?

Also on the same page are the setting for 8 levels of block skip, I have not tried any of these either.

Thank You, Randy

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