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I have just finished several books on history of radar, and would love to build some models on the subject. I have not built armour for decades, and don't know what is available. Are there any kits for WW2 ground radar systems, field air defense stuff?

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Don Stauffer
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I have to admit, this is a really different idea, and I don't believe I have seen anything of this nature. I know there was the radar van for the 90 mm skysweeper in 1/32 scale some years ago, and there may have been a kit of the radar van for the patriot missile system done after it got all that publicity in the first gulf war. Beyond that, nothing, and certainly nothing from W.W.II era. Somewhere, long ago, I did see a large model of a British Chain-Home radar station circa 1940, but that was a completely scratch built model.

Bill Shuey

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William H. Shuey

Heh heh.... You could easily scratch build a PAVE-PAWS, it looks for all the world like a Jawa sand cruiser.

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There are a few resin & PE kits of mobile German radars from WWII. Best place to ask is the forums on

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Interesting subject.

Not specifically a field air defense radar, but I remember seeing a Wurzburg in resin/PE within the last couple of years. I did a search and came up with

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The Extratech model number should be M7216, not 7202.

Many companies carry that kit if you do further searches.

John Hairell ( snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com)

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Ah a little checking pays off. Look on eBay

ARII kits: Arii Patriot Antenna Mast-Desert Storm Arii Patriot Radar MPQ53 Desert Storm Arii PATRIOT CONTROLLER MSQ104

1:48 scale Patriot Missile - HELLER # 81138

There isn't a missile kit for ARII listed but it's just a matter of time. Or buy the Heller and the Arii support equipment.

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Gray Ghost

must have been a honker..even in smal scales.

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Yes, there is a missile launcher. It's the only one of the set I have.


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Dominique Durocher

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