Required Tripod for RADAR

Can anyone supply me with a rough estimate of the type of tripod that would be required to support a marine radar with the following general specs:

4.5' W x 17.7" H, 49 lbs. 4.5' is the rotating arm of the radar which turns at 24 RPM

The radar needs to be mounted of a minimum of 7' from the ground (roof top)

It will be mounted on a roof top with wind gust up to 60 MPH. The idea is to connect it to a weighted base, so any thoughts on the weight of the base would be appreciated as well.


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Sounds like you need a design engineer to provide some info - I work with antennas and pedestal design - I know that I would not provide off the cuff sizes, structure, etc... based on the parameters u define above. Some of those require some detailed attention to aid in the pedestal selection.

try the following site -

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