Post Weld Heat treatment and the Management of Residual Stress

The results of major European research projects have verified residual
stresses in aged components. In line with this research new
procedures for optimising weld repairs are being developed. But what
are the potential inadequacies of the current code requirements for
post weld heat treatment of pressure vessels and piping? And how can
residual stresses for pressure equipment integrity be managed
Our forthcoming seminar will highlight recent developments in
measurement techniques and the use of sophisticated numerical analysis
to predict residual stresses with more confidence. Practical ways for
reducing the risk of plant damage influenced by residual stress will
be illustrated through case studies.
Post Weld Heat Treatment and the Management of Residual Stress
1 Day Seminar
1 March 2005
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers, One Birdcage Walk, London
This seminar will enable delegates to
- understand the code rules for post weld heat treatment and how to
reduce or avoid it
- increase awareness of the effects of residual stress on integrity
and how they can be managed
- appreciate the new technology that can assist in optimising welding
and heat treatment
- network with colleagues and meet some of the leading workers in this
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