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Hi all, I think someone here might be able to help me... It is recommended by a steel spring wire manufacturer that immediately after coiling, the springs should be stress relieved at about 400=B0C. (750=B0F.) for 30 minutes. If one doesn't have an oven that can heat something that high, can the springs be heated at a lower temp for less time? or does heat treating not work like this? Any help would be great. Thanks, Lucas.

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It does work like that if the effect can be modelled using the Arhenius energy activation over the temperature range of interest.

Check "Induction Heat Treatment of Steel" by Semiatin, "Heat treatment of Low Carbon Steels" Brooks - Usually the Jaffee Holloman Equation T1*(C+log t1) =3D T2 (C+log t2) is applicable. However the final story is that temperature is THE dominate factor, for typical activation energies 400=B0C for 30 minutes can be replaced with 200=B0C for 9x10^8 minutes!

Work around: use an electrical current to heat the wire with primative insulation - then it is just a matter of temperature (not necessaily simple) control.

Ed Vojcak

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