Heat treatment of Aluminm

To bend some AL tubing (6061 T6) with thin walls I am having some problems
without annealing it first. But after great research I am finding it hard to
find out how to re-temper the metal or heat treat it after annealing to the
T6 properties. Any one here able to give me the low down of heat treatment
(preferably a local treatment so I can re-temper the welded sections as
well) I am aware of oven treating the part and know it would be best, but I
am unable to afford the cost and I am not in a local that has a oven
The metal I am bending is 6061 T6 1.75" OD and 0063"wall if that will make a
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"Ben" wrote in news:S_Xib.18671$x97.7427@clgrps13:
Ben, I do believe aluminum T6 requires oil quench, under strictly controlled conditions. We T6 some castings we produce, but I am not 100% familiar with the process, since I try to stay out of the foundry as much as I can....hehe
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