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Looking for type of aluminum that is used in electronic chasis. Bendable, machines easily. .060 or so size. My understanding is 6061 doesn't bend.

Thanks, Phil

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Phil wrote in news:

6061 is an alloy designation and is only half of the information you need to know how it bends. The other half of the information is the temper. 6061 is most commonly found in T6 or a similar temper which is relatively hard. For 1/16" stock the minimum bending radius is 1/2 to 1 1/2t where t is the material thickness. Minimum bending radius varies with both temper and thickness. 6061 T0 (annealed or dead soft) will bend at 0t (again at t=1/16). We use 6061 T6 for chassis fabrication on a regular basis. It is easily available, machines well, and is strong.

A number of the 5000 series aluminums are also suitable. For the 5000 series they are usually H (strain hardened) followed by two digits. Unfortunately, the temper designations don't correlate in any easy way to cold workability. For example, 5005 H18 has a minimum bend radius of 1

1/2-3t. 5005 H32 has one of 0t.

25 years ago, when I got my copy, the Aluminum Association gave free copies of _Engineering data for aluminum structures_. They probably have a web site these days. That is where these minimum bend radai came from.

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Charly Coughran

3003 or 5052.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
5052 - Bends well, good welding properties and is almost as strong as 6061. Should be available at most sheet metal fabricators do> >
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