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To bend some AL tubing (6061 T6) with thin walls I am having some problems without annealing it first. But after great research I am finding it hard to find out how to re-temper the metal or heat treat it after annealing to the T6 properties. Any one here able to give me the low down of heat treatment (preferably a local treatment so I can re-temper the welded sections as well) I am aware of oven treating the part and know it would be best, but I am unable to afford the cost and I am not in a local that has a oven available.

The metal I am bending is 6061 T6 1.75" OD and 0063"wall if that will make a difference.


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Hi Ben, You will have to Solution heat treat to (critical) 970 degrees F, very rapid and complete quenching in cold water then Precipitation Heat treat to 350 degrees F. the job will need to "soak" at these temperatures to allow the whole part to reach the same temperature.


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Glenn Cramond

IIRC 6061 will age naturally to a T4 or T3 condition over a week or two. T6 is not acheivable without some very accurate temperature control, way beyond any "blacksmith" style heat treat effort.

If it has to be returned to T6, it's time to look at building an oven to do it with. The heat treating regimen for aluminum is pretty specific. I was taught that I required plus or minus 15 deg F (IIRC) on the controller to do it right.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

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