bending iron

So I know this is basic, but how would I go about building this :
formatting link

It seems like the most difficult part would be bending the metal and
appling the powder coat.
keep in mind I'm just a guy with a garage no equipment on hand. What
would I need to do this?
Any help would be much appreciated. If this is the wrong group for
this question perhaps you could point me in the right direction?
Thanks Again!
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Paul Roe
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How thick is it? You may be able to bend it by hand, around a form (tree, post...) or in a vice/workmate with a suitable pole ie scaffold etc
But you say you have no equipment to hand, you're going to need a welder unless you can think of an alternate way to fix the cross-member (bolts, lashed with whipping twine & using a bit of angle, perhaps)
As for powdercoat, look up a powder coaters in your phone book or a double glazing (aluminium) coater. Or you could use hammerite etc.
Try posting to rec.crafts.metalwork or something like that
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Powder coating is not a home process - it needs a very special piece of equipment, and a very large oven.
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Easy with heat.
You don't need a welder, just need a friend that has one and wants to help. :)
Why powder coat it?
Got sumthin'ag'in rust? :/
Alvin in AZ
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