Gorton mill tooling conversion

It's been a while since I was on here, so hello to all again.
After a bit of a discussion last week, I picked up a Gorton 8D Superspeed
milling machine for beer tokens ( about $US40.00, YMMV! ) on ebay, and collected
it on Friday.
Looks like a nice little machine, we already have a Beaver VBRP turret mill but
this one seemed lonely with no bids on it...:-))
Anyway, what we want to know is: has anyone here done a conversion on one of
these from the Gorton taper mount up to R8 or Morse? I have been pointed in
this direction by the guys on the 'gortonmill' Yahoo group, and Wells Index of
Muskegon are apparently able to do the job for $US200.00 or so.
As we are in the UK, it might be easier to look for someone over here to do it,
as they want the whole quill sending, not just the spindle, and it is quite a
lump to send over by airmail!
Any thoughts/knowledge/info would be appreciated as always.
PS: The Beaver is Int40 and while I wouldn't mind going to Int30 the spindle
hasn't got enough diameter to go that way.

Peter & Rita Forbes
Email: snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk
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