Got another Gorton J-22 mill today

It needs a lot of work, but they are fairly easy to work on.
The interesting thing about this one is....its got a Gorton Spring
Collet holder sticking out of the spindle.
Spindle is stuck all the way up, so that needs to be addressed, but I
was out in the not well lit back 40, and pulled the draw bolt..and a
Gorton Spring collet fell out of the holder...which Ive never seen
before. I dont know if thats the primary tool holder..or its an adapter
stuck in the (unknown) spindle. If may be a B&S spindle
nose..but..getting it out is going to be "interesting"
I checked the Gorton website
formatting link

But couldnt find any reference to a J-22 having a spring collet spindle
nose. Photos to follow tommorow when its light.
Anyone have any idea if such a beasty was built, with a Gorton Spring
Collet spindle nose? It "looks" like an adapter sticking out of the
ram..but I cant find any sort of release for the adapter.
The machine is pretty rough...been outside for a while....
Oh..I also got a 30 ton Carolina press. Shrug
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Gunner Asch
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We had a few of the single spindles left around at TRW (El Segundo) back in the late eighties. Ours had dials that measured .125" per turn. What's wrong with this picture:
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Some will say, no safety glasses. Others will say," Hey that dude's wearing a tie under that smock". That's just how the trade has changed.
-- Bill
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Back then, if he has a tie, must be an engineer.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn

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