Gorton 3U Pantograph spindle wanted

I picked up two very old Gorton 3U pantographs today. There seems to be
enough parts to piece together one machine; but there are no spindles. Do
any of you happen to have such an item in your parts bin? Thanks.
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Very nice web site James but if I may ask.....
What the uckvey is a chop cup and what does one use it for.
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Shiver Me Timbers
When you say spindle, what exactly do you mean? Main spindle for the machine? The one that holds collets that hold cutters? If so, that is gonna be a tough one. Famco bought Gorton, and many parts and accessories are still available, at very high prices.
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But these machines are considered obsolete by industry- cnc has replaced them, so parts are hard to find. I was lucky enough to pick up a lot of tooling and type with mine, boeing surplus via halladie machinery- wouldnt have bought it otherwise. But no spare main spindles.
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Yes, I need the entire spindle - the cylinder, collet holding shaft, with bearings, etc. Since I posted, I have picked up a collet holding center portion of a spindle. I'll probably just machine everything else to fit the original drive system. For what I want to do with it, a home made spindle will work fine. Thanks for the reply. Jim
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