Looking for a pantograph engraving machine

I am a knifemaker and I am looking for a way to engrave my blades with
my name (after they are hardened and before the handles are put on).
Another knifemaker I know uses a New Hermes Model TX (non motorized)
with a diamond stylus with great success. There are so many models out
there that I haven't a clue which would do what I want so I am looking
for the same model he uses unless I can find a different one locally
(Portland, OR area) where I can see it work. I only need as much
machine as will perform this one application.
Raymond Coon
(503) 658-2252
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Ray..go to Ebay and search for Gorton. There are usually tons (literally) of pantographs that sell for very little money. I have a 3-z that Im rather fond of. These tend to be extraordenarily heavy..top heavy too..so consider this if the unit will require shipping. Check with your local machine tool dealer. Its not unusual for them to have a couple hidden away in dusty corners as there is very very little call for them.
Its harder to find affordable fonts, and in many cases..a set of fonts costs more than a decent machine.
Also..consider a P2-3 or similar 3-D machine. They are capable of duplicating knife scales, easily, and you may set the reduction or expansion ratios..and make entire lines of hilts/scales in various sizes from a single pattern
The 3-Z I have will also do limited 3d work..but its not recommended. Ive used it many times for carving out slab grips for semi-auto pistols and may be used as a decent enough small milling machine.
Ive a couple old model makers who come by to use it for milling out motor brackets for RC airplanes and whatnot. If you have the applications..they can be a damned handy tool
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