Looking for a plexiglass dome

Does anyone have a source for plexiglass or plastic domes? Looking for
somthing in the range of 20-24" in diameter.
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daryl wilde
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Window well covers are only half rounded but may give a lead to a manufacturer
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Gymmie Bob
Well, that's a bit on the large side, but not impossible to find. Trouble is, plastics specialty shops and display case companies tend to charge a *lot* for this size, but might find what you need at a bird feeder supply at a reasonable price. Certain types of hanging bird feeders have half-round domes suspended over them to keep out the squirrels.
Try this Google.com search, without quotes (as suggested in my book):
dome squirrel baffle
You'll find plenty up to about 18"...you'll have to search a bit for the 20-24" size. Failing that, most any good plastics fabricator can make any size you need.
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Gordon McComb
--Two places I can think of: Tap Plastics (where ya located? It's a chain in Northern California) and ThomCat, aka thomasregister.com
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I got one about 12" diameter from Edmund Scientific a couple of years ago. I couldn't find it on their web site just now (it stinks) but it might be in their print catalog. Good luck!
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Only a day left on it. It's tinted, so it might not be what you want. Also it appears that it might be 24 inches across, but the listing is kind of ambiguous so you might want to contact the seller.
In any case it gives you a lead to investigate security camera companies. Regular camera companies may have clear plastic domes for weather resistance on outdoor cameras. I know I've seen many such cameras installed in domes about the size you're looking for.
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Garrett Mace
I've seen some Sky Lights on houses with clear domes. The type that use the 'silver on the inside' pipe to route the light down to the ceiling. I dunno the brand name sorry, but I hope you know the ones I mean.. HTHs Greg the Grog
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There used to be a fancy street light with a plastic ball that to cover the bulb that fits that description.
Try lighting stores and electric utility supply houses.
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Gymmie Bob
Try looking for "squirrel guards" for bird feeders. I am not sure if they get as large as 24" but they are clear polycarbonate domes that keep squirrels off of hanging bird feeders. I have seen them as large as 18" for around $40.
Hope this helps.
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Keith Youngblood
I have seen some low-cost vacuum formed domes in DIY/garden centres. They are used to put over outside plants and keep the frost out. They are about 20" in diameter and cost about £2-£3 ($5).
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Geoffrey Swales
Clear acrylic domes are used to cover keepsakes, such as flower boquets and such. For example, the link below has a 24" dome for $50.00
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Another thought is baking and kitchen supply. Domes are often used to protect baked goods and wedding cakes. (admittedly, 24" is a bit large for this source).
You can also try Global Plastics.
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make the gravity candy/coffee dispensers seen in supermarkets and domes up to a few feet.
Hope this helps,
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Kevin C.
Polydroids.com also sells small acrylic domes.
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K Mussatt

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