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I am now the proud but perplexed owner of a nice Jet 2000, 14" power hacksaw. I would estimate that it is about 20 years old. It is very well built and can handle stock up to 8" in diameter with hydraulic up/down feed and coolant pump.

However, the vise screw has stripped threads. Actually the scew is still fine but the female threads in the nut, cast into a the long "tee nut" under the moveable jaw of the vice is stripped clean. Most seem to think it is acme threads but my old timer/mentor seems to think it is metric. It measures 1" diameter, LH, with a pitch of 6 or 6.5 tpi. Nothing like that in available in Acme taps.

I've been in contact with Jet and they have contacted Machine Tools Direct and inform me that this is a smaller version of the Jet-2500 and made by Murahashi (Heavy Industries). It seems like the machine is obsolite but I'm hoping to find a old parts source.

I could make a new sliding tee nut using available Acme long nut from Tacoma Screw Products and replace the scew with with standard 1" 5 tpi but this would provide slightly less clamping force as the vise jaws are drawn together. (I could live with that but---)

Does anyone else have this machine or any recomendations on replacement parts??



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It would be unlikely you'll find parts if Jet can't source them. Just replace the screw with anything you can cobble up. Or cut it out altogether and use large C-clamps. My guess is you won't own this machine that long once you get to using it.


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Grant Erwin

As an alternative, consider drilling a couple of injection holes in the nut and casting replacement threads with metal filled epoxy. Devcon and Moglice are a couple of names to start your research with. You'll need to coat the threads with a mold release (wax? silicone?) so that the epoxy won't stick. A lot of the improvised CNC crowd swear by the method... --Glenn Lyford

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Got a lathe and some measuring equipment? Firstly, measure the damn thing and then you'll KNOW whether it's metric or not. Much import machinery was built to sell into non metric markets, and uses standard inch dimensions. A ruler is as high tech as you need to use to measure the thread pitch.

Saw the end off the tube and make a new nut to weld on the end. It's a clamping vise, not replacement parts for the shuttle. Close works pretty well.

Cheers Trevor Jones

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Trevor Jones

McMaster-Carr lists a 1"-6 tpi LH Acme nut.

. Most seem to think it is

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Bill Marrs

============== If this indeed metric be aware that the metric ISO trapezoidal thread that looks like the inch Acme has a 30 degree rather than a 29 degree included angle.

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