Jet 818P

Just wanted to ask if anyone knows anything about this old lathe/mill combo. Found one locally, and it looks really well built.... HOWEVER: it's got 1 gear that's split (I know where to get that taken care of), and it's missing it's manual. It comes with a box of collets, 2 chucks, an extra tailstock and a bunch of bits & mills. They're asking $700 for it, but the sales guy I talked to is pretty sure they'd take $600 cash if it was offered.

Do you think it's worth it? Does anyone have a manual for one somewhere, or know where to get it?

Thanks in advance, Todd

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Todd & Kerri Ohse
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replying to Todd & Kerri Ohse, Darrell Spilsbury wrote: I have one of these and its been fantastic and dependable. I bought a manual from Ozark woodworker off ebay for $30. I paid $600 for mine and it came with a ton of tooling, rotary tables etc. They were made to last, even the electrical and the motor can be rebuilt. The gearing diagram for threading is beyond confusing and this is the reason I bought a manual. If you are going to be working on smaller things it will serve you well.

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Darrell Spilsbury

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