Rivett 1020S lathe information?

Some of you may remember the Rivett 1020S I offered on eBay. Since I didn't
get any bids at anything near what I think it's worth, I've painted it and
I'm putting it in service in my shop.
There's some good info on the web, but I really need an owner's manual.
Anyone have one they'd be willing to copy for me?
Any fellow owners out there with advice to contribute would be most welcome
as well.
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Dan Cassaro
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if you get any info let me now, i have posted several times with no responce.
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Reprints of the machine drawings and operating manual on CDROM are available from Tony Griffiths at
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The 24 page operating manual is US$24 and the 40 pages of drawings are US$42 . This may seem like a lot, but I know from experience that scanning manuals is not much fun, and Tony is providing a valuable service in offering documents on a staggering assortment of obscure machine tools.
-- Greg snipped-for-privacy@depmco.com
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Greg Dermer

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