Needed: Service Manual for older JET Geared Head Lathe Model GH-1340A

neighbor has started building his garage shop; bought a Torchmate 4' x 4' C
NC plasma cutter, MIG & TIG welders, some support equipment; he's a nurse f
or the VA and always wanted to get into the machining business. the neat t
hing is as I watch him operate the Torchmate more and more it brings out th
e imagination in him and he's building more and more neat stuff, and some m
ore "off-the-wall" type of items.
he's just purchased a JET geared head lathe model GH-1340A; I went to the J
ET website to try to find manuals for it as the previous owners stripped a
lot of the wiring and electrical parts (for some reason or other); we would
like to have the info to correctly restore this lathe to it's former glory
, and get it back online.
the JET website did not have any info for this model; I contacted customer
service directly and they forwarded the OPERATOR'S manual for this lathe; t
his will assist the new owner when the lathe is fired up and begins his lat
career. I did send another email to customer service to see if we could ac
quire the service/repair manual, or at a minimum the electrical layout/sche
matic for this model; sent it today so i'm awaiting their response.
in the meantime I am posting here also to see if possibly one of the goodgu
ys here might have this item in .pdf format; I would purchase, trade, have
donated, etc., this info; please let me know!
any responses to me @:
carson city, nv
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