anyone have a Jet GHB-1340A?

I have read a decent number of testimonials about the BDB-1340A belt drive
Jet, but I don't hear very much abou the gear drive version. Let's just say
a person was in an unusual situation where they had their choice between the
two AND the price was the same, which one would be the best? I originally
thought the belt drive was the best choice because it was cheaper and many
people seemed to feel that a belt drive had advantages over the gear drive
in terms of smoothness (especially on single phase 220V). But again, if
the money were actually the same, which one would most of you pick? And if
it matters I'm talking about new machines. I know these model numbers have
been around for quite a while, but I don't know if the quality and/or
features have changed over the years.
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Jeff B
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Not a single opinion on the GHB-1340A? Here's the deal. I ordered a BDB-1340A but Jet mistakenly sent me the GHB-1340A. Shipping and repackaging (I didn't notice until the crate was all torn down) would more than outweigh the cost difference so they are letting me keep it. My first thought was to consider this a great stroke of luck and move on, but I am still a bit unsettled by the fact that I can't find hardly any user opinions on this actual model of Jet lathe. Surely I'm not the only guy in North America that has one? :-)
Thanks, Jeff
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Jeff B
Keep It. A friend had one in his shop where it got used a LOT. He was very pleased with it and I remember no challenges with it. There's quite a cost difference between the two, as I remember. The GHB is a better machine. Respectfully, Ron Moore
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Ron Moore
My brother has one and everything he makes looks like jewelry. I have an American lathe and everything I make looks like a Homer Simpson spice rack project.
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Clark Magnuson
$600 plus difference. I'd be very happy over their mistake.
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According to platapus03 :
I would certainly like a gear-head lathe. However, what I could *afford* at the time was a nice old Clausing 12x24" with belt drive, so I live with that.
Certainly no reason to be unhappy over their mistake.
Enjoy, DoN.
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DoN. Nichols

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