Anyone have a container?

This popped up on the submarine group I'm a member of and was wondering if
anyone had any links/info/deals etc etc that I could pass along?
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My attempts at getting a portakabin or similar for my modelmaking workshop
have failed miserably, so for the time being my model making career is on
hold, so Thunderbird 4 and other projects will have to remain as just
I have been looking for a portable cabin or a shipping container about 30
feet long and although one od each were promised they have both fallen
through. If anyone knows where I can get one either free or very very
cheaply please let me know. I am fortunate inasmuch that I have a reasonable
amount of land around my house
Clive An active pensioner living in Wiltshire, England
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"Michael" wrote in message news:bTzOh.1564$
I've used these guys in the past for work purposes
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don't know how competitve they are as price was not too much of an issue. We have also rented containers over a period of years (when in retrospect we should have bought) by the time we have finished with them they were looking quite tired. I don't know if philspace get many back like that and flog them on secondhand cheaply rather than faff around pressure washing and painting. Also the website seems to feature 20 foot ones. They used to do 40 footers too so probably worth a phone call.
Dunno if it would help but you could mention the company I work for which is Roke Manor
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Bob Minchin

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