Navy Submarine lathe/mill

When I began looking to buy a small lathe and vertical mill, a friend
of mine and local machinist in Zionsville, Indiana pointed me in the
direction of an old equipment collector north of Indianapolis about 30
miles. He has many old forklifts, hand-operated presses, and some old
military equipment sitting there gathering rust. It was quite sad to
see actually.
The local machinist pointed me to that man for a specific piece of
equipment. It's a combination lathe/mill which apprently used to be
used on Navy submarines. It had a brand name of Hanni-somthing, like
Hannifin or Hannivan, or something like that. The model was "10-57"
and it had the letters "US" with the Navy anchor symbol stamped between
the letters.
Does anyone know anything about this model lathe/mill? This one was in
really bad shape because it's been outside exposed to the weather for
too long (probably 5+ years). Nothing would move or operate at all and
it would require a tremendous amount of work and effort to get it
running again.
If anyone would like to see pictures of it to help identify I can be
reached via email. I would appreciate any thoughts of where to turn to
find out more about this lathe/mill combo.
- Rick Hodgin
- Indianapolis, IN
- Looking for a small, operational lathe/mill combination
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It's close. The one I saw didn't have the drill-press portion or what appears to be a swinging vertical mill head for the mill- and drill-press sides. The base was also wider at the bottom (and flat) and narrower at the top. In fact, it looked like the lathe/mill could be un-bolted from the base and put on a table someplace for a very low profile (provided a separate power source could be used to turn the lathe (as the motor was mounted underneath)).
- Rick
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Rick Hodgin
I had my mother (who lives close by) go and look for the information. Here's what she found:
----- Hannifin Manufacturing Company Chicago, U S A A-56240 Model No. J-225 (with a US Navy symbol beside it) Serial No. 10-57 -----
- Rick
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Rick Hodgin
I was recently on the USS Cod, WW II GATO class sub docked at Cleveland and it has a Sebastian lathe in the after engine room with a milling attachment stored nearby.
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Hugh Prescott
Rick I have one of these that goes to work every day. Still works marvellous. See Hannifin
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Rick I have one of these that goes to work every day. Still works marvellous. See Hannifin
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He posted 15 years ago.
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Michael Terrell

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